Women’s Health: Be your own advocate!

August 22, 2017

As a physical therapist that specializes in Women’s Health, I feel very strongly that every woman would benefit from a consult with a physical therapist postpartum to determine if further treatment is warranted.  

While there are no national studies that measure the incidence of postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction as a whole, some studies have shown rates of postpartum pelvic pain as high as 44% and postpartum urinary incontinence as high as 33% (Hay-Smith, Morkved, Fairbrother, & Herbison, 2008; Paterson, Davis, Khalife, Amsel, & Binik, 2009).

We are behind European countries when it comes to postpartum rehabilitation.  Here’s a great article in Time:  Why France Pays for Postpartum Women to “Re-Educate” their Vagina

Be your own advocate!



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Article Written by Mandy Labrosse, DPT