Therapeutic Alliance: What is it and why is it important for your care?

November 17, 2017

Interpersonal relationships impact our lives on a daily basis in various ways. A conversation with a coworker or significant other can prove to make your day great, or ruin it in some instances. How you’re treated at the grocery store or in a restaurant can also greatly impact whether you’ll make a return visit or not. Relationships and their effect on our lives also extend to our relationship with our medical providers. This relationship is called the therapeutic alliance.

The therapeutic alliance refers to the sense of collaboration, warmth, and support between the patient and their therapist. In a recent study by Ferreira et al., they examined whether the therapeutic alliance between physical therapists and patients with chronic low back pain predicted how well they would do with a course of therapy. What they found in the study was that the patient had better outcomes if they had a better relationship with their therapist. Basically, they had significantly less back pain after a course of therapy when they had good therapeutic alliance with their therapist.

At PTOSI, we believe in creating relationships with our patients. You will always have one-on-one care with your therapist where we strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable and cared for. Therapeutic alliance is a top priority for us because we know that it helps YOU get back to the activities you did prior to your injury or your pain. We have been doing it for 34 years and it’s never going to change!

Written by Scott Darling, DPT