Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning Physical Therapy Minneapolis, MinnesotaThe work conditioning program is appropriate for you if you have not succeeded in returning to work following a back injury, or have been unable to progress to full-time or full-duty as expected due to physical deconditioning following an injury.

Once you have received sufficient individual manual therapy to address the major mechanical problems identified at your evaluation, your therapist or physician may recommend the program to provide you with structured physical reconditioning needed to prepare you for a successful return to work.

To best prepare you for the program you should already be on an active home exercise program and have completed body mechanics instruction.

What does the program entail?

The program is designed and staffed by physical therapy professionals extensively trained in treating back injuries. Components include exercises to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination, as well as body mechanics and education and practice specific to your work demands.

An initial program evaluation will be performed to establish baseline information. Your therapist will work with you to establish goals specific to your work needs and current condition. Periodic reassessment will be done frequently to chart your progress.

How much time is involved?

Participants attend two to five days per week for one-half hour to four hours per day, depending on your needs and goals, for up to eight weeks, until you are able to continue the reconditioning at work or on your own. Your active and consistent participation is essential to treatment success.

Will my insurance cover this program?

Our staff will work with your physician’s office to obtain prior authorization from your insurance company. The treatment guidelines for the Minnesota’s Worker’s Compensation Law specify that this type of program is not appropriate until twelve weeks after the injury (other conservative treatment should be given more time).

If you have any questions regarding treatment options, please contact the location most convenient for you. We would be happy to answer your questions, and/or schedule a consultation for you.


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