Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Minneapolis, MinnesotaManual therapy is defined as the skillful use of the hands to mobilize/manipulate joints, massage and lengthen soft tissues, and to monitor and facilitate improved neuromuscular control. One strength of this approach is that it requires considerable one on one time between the therapist and patient.

What is the treatment objective?

To improve the mechanics of movement, utilizing manual therapy techniques along with educating the patient regarding their condition and the likely prognosis for improvement.
There are many manual therapy techniques, and after a comprehensive evaluation, the therapist would decide which techniques would work best for the individual patient. Different techniques include Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, joint mobilization, the Maitland approach, McKenzie Method, Mulligan Concept, Viseral Release, Mechanical Link, CranioSacral Therapy, and Strain Counterstrain.

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The therapists at PTOSI have extensive continuing education to keep up to date on the latest techniques and expand their knowledge base to best help the patients. Each therapist participates in both internal and external training and certification programs.  To learn what PTOSI can do for you, Click Here >