Root Causes of Physical Therapy issues

May 22, 2017

Article written by Michaela Dalsin, PT

Many people who suffer from injuries tend to focus on the injured body part, and rightfully so. However, they may be missing the root cause of their injury.

For example, issues with hip muscles can contribute to a variety of imbalances that result in hip, knee or foot pain. (–how-hip-muscles-can-be-cause-of-hip-knee-or-foot-pain).

Additionally, if you have low back, knee or foot pain, it could stem from your hips. (–how-hip-muscles-can-be-cause-of-hip-knee-or-foot-pain)

Physical therapists evaluate the biomechanics of one’s body and look for structural imbalances that may be the cause of your pain. At PTOSI, our team of therapist’s evaluate the injury and treat the underlying cause. Our goal is to help patients achieve their highest potential when returning to activities.

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