PTOSI Riding By

July 25, 2016

It’s summertime in Minnesota and we have been blessed with beautiful weather for biking season! Biking is a great way to stay active and spend time outdoors, even if you have a busy work schedule to manage. Three of our PTOSI Minneapolis therapists can attest to this as they regularly choose to bike to and from work. What inspired them to start biking to work? And what is the draw that keeps them biking? 

georgeMackey1aGeorge Mackey, PT, began biking to work 20 years ago out of necessity when his daughter needed to use the family car for a new job. “By the time my daughter didn’t need the car anymore, I was hooked,” says George, “I was in better shape, and I loved the time outdoors and the decompression time riding home after work.” Despite a broken ankle that George had last month, he claimed that the bike even came in handy during the six weeks it took for the injury to heal. “I had to wear a boot up to my knee,” George mentioned, “It was awkward to walk and also to drive a car, but biking was a breeze.” So, George biked in the boot. 

Both George and Don Darling, PT, bike to and from work year round, whether rain or shine or even snow. Don started biking to work 25 years ago and likes that there’s no traffic, calling it less stressful and great exercise. Ann Frett, PT, agrees, saying that, “it’s a great way to get exercise into my weekly schedule,” claiming it is convenient since she can take the Minneapolis bike trail system nearly the entire way.

Don Portrait 8x10Biking is an enjoyable and effective way to stay active while living a busy lifestyle. It’s accessibility as a low impact form of exercise that is easy on the joints only further supports biking as a healthy hobby to consider.  Whether  you’re interested in biking to work or looking for something fun to do this weekend, check out the Star Tribune’s website at the link below to find metro bike trails and state bike trails to explore! Or try out some of our physical therapists’ favorite trails. George loves the Greenway and Don recommends biking in Lanesboro, the gateway trail on the east side of the cities, or mountain biking on the Cayuna trail in Crosby, MN. 

Happy biking!

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