PTOSI Celebrates 32 Years

July 29, 2015


Don Darling, Mark Bookhout and Liz Schorn

PTOSI was founded on April 18, 1983 by physical therapists Don Darling and Mark Bookhout, who had just graduated from an intensive 16 month graduate program which focused on manual therapy treatment for the spine and extremities. Don and Mark originally contracted with Sister Kenny Rehab to provide specialized spine services to patients referred from The Institute for Low Back Care which was also housed on the Sister Kenny campus.

The need for these special services was so great that PTOSI soon grew from 2 therapists to 20 in 5 years. In 1989, to meet the growing demand, PTOSI, along with the Institute for Low Back Care and CDI, built a new medical building on the Abbott Northwestern campus in a collaborative effort to treat patients with low back and leg pain.

In 1991, PTOSI became independent from Sister Kenny Rehab and began to open satellite clinics in the Metro area to better serve their patients. Elizabeth Schorn, PT, joined Don and Mark as a business partner in 1989.

The focus of PTOSI has been to provide the most up-to-date forms of Manual Therapy treatment in addition to the traditional exercises that physical therapists often prescribe for their patients. Research has shown that patients who receive manual therapy, in addition to exercise, achieve better outcomes than patients receiving exercise alone.

Early on, Mark and Don recognized the need to provide additional training for their staff and developed an in-house training/internship program for new therapists to advance their skills. Therapists at PTOSI have always received a generous continuing education allowance to attend courses to hone their skills and to keep up with the latest research.

From the early days of providing care to low back patients, PTOSI has expanded into other areas of Orthopedics including treating neck pain and headaches, shoulder, hip and other extremity problems, women’s health/cancer survivors as well as the professional athlete. PTOSI believes more firmly than ever that physical therapy is one of the most cost effective interventions available in the health care market today, and will continue to strive to deliver the best outcomes for their patients and referral sources.