Improving Functional Movement 

October 6, 2016

Article written by Lydia Donoho, PTA Lydia Donoho

One of the goals of Physical Therapy is to improve functional movement. Functional movement is how we move during our normal activities throughout the day. Whether this activity is walking, picking up a laundry basket, climbing stairs, or any number of things, these simple activities can cause pain in some people. But, if we improve our posture and form, we can reduce or eliminate pain. It’s easy to get into bad habits and not even notice we are holding our bodies improperly or moving the wrong way. However, this can cause muscle weakness or tightness resulting in pain

One thing therapists look at is sitting and standing posture. If you aren’t aligned correctly, certain muscles kick in and get fatigued, causing pain. Other muscles don’t get used and begin to atrophy or remain in a shortened state that prohibits people from standing upright. Think of how much you are standing or sitting during the day and how these bad postures influence our functional movements. Through stretching, strengthening, and training, we can retrain ourselves and improve function that will help us now and later down the road.