Five Ways to Avoid Running Injuries

  • Running Physical Therapy Minneapolis MinnesotaStretch and warm up.  Spend at least ten minutes loosening up before heading out.  Injuries frequently occur in the early stages of a run because of inadequate stretching.
  • Walk before you run.  This heats up the body and gets the muscles prepared for more vigorous exercise.
  • Set goals.  Put together a training plan that challenges you without stretching your abilities beyond safe boundaries.  If you’re not familiar with training plans, ask a running coach or therapist for assistance.
  • Be realistic about distances.  Is your body accustomed to long runs or short sprints?  Take into account your body type, age, and condition before attempting a long distance run.
  • Select the right shoes for your specific needs.  Running shoes should fit comfortably while providing an adequate amount of support.  There are many online shoe-related resources to help you choose the best shoes for you.

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