Choose to talk about Pelvic Pain 

September 16, 2016

Article written by Sara Chapo Rippe, MsPT

saraChapoRippe1There are many things we don’t talk about in public. Pelvic pain should not be one of them. If you are experiencing pain “down there” there is help available to you. Physical therapists are trained to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction of the pelvis and pelvic floor. There are many causes of pelvic pain. This pain can be related to child birth, menopause, endometriosis, trauma, and other medical conditions. Just like other health problems, the sooner you get help, the easier it is to treat. The difficulty with pelvic pain is we don’t talk about it. We don’t ask our doctors or friends. We think it’s just us, but it’s not! Pelvic pain effects many women. Oprah has been talking about it for years and popular magazines are just starting to profile this condition (see links below). 

Let’s choose to talk about it. If you have questions, please ask your doctor or a physical therapist about it. Sometimes there is no easy answer or cookie cutter approach, but with improved knowledge, understanding, and a team-based approach, there is much we can do together. 

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