Work Conditioning: What does PTOSI offer?

July 28, 2016

ryanTorgrude1Article written by Ryan Torgrude, DPT

Work Conditioning is an intensive, work related, goal-oriented conditioning program used to restore neuromuscular function, muscle performance, motor function, range of motion, and cardiovascular function.  The program’s objective is to restore physical capacity and function in order for a patient to safely return to work at his or her pre-injury levels.  Patients participate in multi-hour sessions up to 4 hours/day with a frequency of up to 5 days/week.  Our Work Conditioning program utilizes physical conditioning and functional activities to achieve its objectives. This program differentiates itself by our focus on each client’s unique diagnosis.  We then individually tailor each program to maximize the client’s ability to return safely to his or her specific job.

Each client will be taken through an extensive examination.  The examination results are then used to create the specific work conditioning program for each individual’s return-to-work goals.  We focus on job-specific strength and conditioning with simulation of the most frequent and difficult tasks the client may face when returning to work.

Every two weeks, we complete a re-evaluation of the client’s progress with specific objective measurements and we provide updates to the physician, QRC, case manager, and employer so everyone is up-to-date on the client’s progress. Our examination at the end of the program helps the team of employer, doctor, case manager, QRC, therapist, and client make objective decisions related to each individual case.  We identify objective maximum strength related to lifting, pushing, pulling, and all other job specific strength requirements.  We also identify specific activity tolerance and will link functional deficiencies to physical causes.  We provide a clear objective summary report that addresses all return-to-work questions, job match questions, safety precautions, and possible modifications that may assist the worker in returning to work. Upon completion of the program, PTOSI’s “Industrial Athletes” often tell us they are in the best physical shape of their lives.


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